Babies Ready for College

Drawing on extensive experience and relevant research, Babies Ready for College (BRFC) came in to existence out of a need to affect a child’s academic success by involving the parent. The program helps caregivers and families ensure their child is ready for school and stays on track to graduate from high school prepared for whatever course lies ahead.

BRFC’s goal is to begin planting the seed of expectation for higher education in families living in chronically under-resourced communities. The 10-topic curriculum is geared to equip parents and Family, Friend and Neighbor caregivers with the knowledge and expertise to help prepare their children academically and socially before they even enter preschool. Sessions are offered in the community and selected Denver Public Schools. Trained facilitators conduct each session, and early childhood educators provide developmentally appropriate activities for the children.

For more information, contact:
Bertha Gonzalez, Program Coordinator